Date: Sat, 21 Oct 1995 17:07:47 -0400

From: Charity Stafford cls[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]WORLD.STD.COM

Subject: Re: Scrap Basket

In Memphis this week a person asked a clerk in a drug store if she had a

scrap basket. The clerk didn't understand the question until another

customer said, "She means a waste basket. Somebody else said, "It's been a

long time since I have heard 'scrap basket.'" I knew the meaning by the

context, but I don't know that I can remember hearing "scrap basket"

before. Is it widely used? (_American Heritage_ defines it as "For the

collection or disposal of scrap.") GWW

Hmm. I would assume a "scrap basket" to be a basket (or

generic description applied to some other container,

possibly) for SEWING scraps - odds and ends of fabric for

patchwork, doll clothes, other small projects. As in the

traditional patchwork pattern, "Basket of Scraps," actually.


(native - more or less - Bostonian)