Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 20:51:33 EDT


Subject: Re: Apology about virus

Natalie points out concerning

The Good Times virus is evidently a hoax. Sorry if I worried anyone


The Good Times Virus alert is part of net tradition -- along with the

Neiman-Marcus cookies, little Craig Shergold collecting cards, and the

FCC modem tax. It's kind of fun to watch these hoaxes popping up year

after year after year.

The only problem is that of the boy who cried wolf. It's one thing to read

that anecdote about the $250 (or $500, or whatever) Neiman Marcus chocolate

chip cookie recipe for the umpteenth time (complete with free "valuable"

recipe, which I keep meaning and then forgetting to try); at least there's no

danger of accidentally disregarding a REAL anecdote about being charged $250

for the recipe, especially now that everyone in the civilized cyberworld KNOWS

enough not to ask for the recipe for the scrumptious cookies they were just

served at N-M (if indeed they even HAVE cookies there). But what if there's a

REAL virus someday? We're all so used to the hoaxes that no doubt we'll just

tune out the warnings. Oh well, time to stop babbling.