Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 16:33:28 -0400


Subject: Re: the dictionary of stereotypes

there are a lot of those ethnic label compounds in hugh rawson's

_wicked words_.

from d.c. hauptfleisch "racist language in society and in

dictionaries: a pragmatic perspective" (_lexikos_ 3:83-139, 1993)

there are lots from south africa:

bantu beer (sorghum beer)

bantu education (not really an education at all)

kaffir beads

kaffir beer (sorghum beer)

kaffir piano

kaffir pot (black iron pot w/ 3 legs)

kaffir sheeting (soft, coarsely woven cotton)

kaffir tree (coral tree)

kaffircorn (sorghum)

hottentot god (praying mantis)

kaffir crane (crowned crane)

kaffir finch (red bishop)

kaffir lily (clivia)

blue hottentot and black hottentot (fish)

kaffir bride (a kind of shrub)

kaffir grapes (a kind of berry that looks like small grapes)

do a dutch act (desert, suicide)

dutch bargain (concluded while drinking)

dutch comfort (cold comfort)

dutch concert (deafening noise)

dutch courage (gained from drink)

dutch curse (a weed)

...lots more dutch, much of it well-known, but must be noted that

"dutch" here is an insulting term for "afrikaner" (esp. "dutchman")

hauptfleisch has lots more in afrikaans, but i can't translate

them. some others (not from hauptfleisch):

kaffir taxi (brandy & coke)

zulu cattle (a breed)

sotho hat

sotho blanket (worn as a cloak, usually)

sotho pony

african time (later than scheduled)

boere tan (farmer's tan)

boerewors (a sausage)

dutch medicine (patent medicines)

indian shop (usu. dealing in fabrics, upholstery)

and lots more, i'm sure. there are lots of place names in s.a. with

"kaffir" or "hottentot" or "bushman" in them that are in the process

of being changed. very little of the above is in offensive, so use

with caution.