Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 09:25:49 -0400

From: Allan Metcalf AAllan[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM

Subject: New Newsletter of the ADS

Yes, ADS members - the September issue of our Newsletter is at last going

into the s-mail, first class as usual; look for it later this week or early

next. (And slightly longer outside the US.)

Some issues of NADS (yes, that's the acronym; chuckle if you will) are chock

with wit and wisdom. This one is not; instead, it's filled fore to aft with

facts about impending deadlines and meetings, and about our membership - it

has the annual list of the 500 odd of us, this time with e-mail as well as

s-mail addresses.

There is the detailed program, with abstracts, for our Chicago meeting in

December, including the special session on endangered dialects; likewise

program and abstracts for our special session "Spanish and English in Contact

in the Border States" at LSA in San Diego in January, and the four regional


Also there are calls for papers for next summer's Methods conference in

Wales, and the International Linguistic Association in New York City in


And other news.

Now if you're not an ADS member, you won't get a copy - unless you send me

your s-mail address for a sample, and a membership invitation. Joining ADS

gives you also our journal American Speech and our annual monograph PADS.

What an opportunity! And only $30 a year. Or $15 for student membership. Or

$600 for a lifetime.

- Allan Metcalf, ADS Executive Secretary AAllan[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

English Department

MacMurray College

Jacksonville, Illinois 62650