Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 23:18:24 -0400


Subject: LJP Issue #2 is Now Available for Web-Browsing


You are invited to browse Language in the Judicial Process, an electronic

joiurnal of language and law available on the World Wide Web at Issue #2, which went online this week, contains

new items:

* Abstracts of all papers given at the Second Conference of the International

Association of Forensic Linguists. (This section includes a photograph of

the editor relaxing "down under.")

* A description of and ordering information for the fall 1995 issue of

Washington University Law Quarterly (Vol. 73, No. 3), a special issue

focusing on linguistics and law. Its centerpiece is the transcript of an

interdisciplinary conference held this spring, entitled, "What is Meaning in a

Legal Text? A Dialogue Among Scholars of Law and Linguistics," which

was sponsored by Northwestern University and Washington University

Law School. In addition, it contains 7 essays by conference participants and

18 essays by other scholars (primarily from the law) offering commentary

on the themes of the conference: meaning and interpretation in legal

contexts, and the possibilities for intellectual as well as practical

collaboration between the two disciplines.

* Information about "Language Legislation and Linguistic Rights": An

International Conference to be hosted by The University of Illinois March

21-23, 1996. A select group of speakers from around the world will address

linguistic issues such as language and culture, language and power, bilingualism


and the linguistic aspects of social issues such as community vs. individual rig


cultural survival, and free trade. Organizers are Dennis E. Baron (English),

Eyamba Bokamba (English as an International Language, C. C. Cheng (Language

Learning Laboratory), Braj B. Kachru (Linguistics), and Douglas A. Kibbee


* Details about online (and other) versions of "The Legal List."

* New citations.

[Issue #1 (June 1995) remains available for browsing.]

Coming in Issue #3:

* A database of cases dealing with foreign- and sign-language interpreting

and the legal system.

* A companion database of articles and book titles related to foreign- and

sign-language interpreting and the legal system.

* More citations and summaries.

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