Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 23:48:27 -0400

From: Elaine Green elaineg[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ATLAS.UGA.EDU

Subject: Re: ornery

On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Kathleen M. O'Neill wrote:

I cite my mother's idiolect an awful lot, because hers is one of

the most eccentric I know of.

At any rate, I grew up hearing her call us "AHN ree" with a very

nasal initial vowel -- and for no good reason, I might add. :-)

Of course, my mother comes from Baltimore and, well, there are some

fun pronunciations in Baltimore.

Any Baltimoreans out there?

I was born in Baltimore, and raised in the Suburbs between Baltimore and

D.C.. I say ornery with three syllables like Kathleen, not like her

Mother from Baltimore. I didn't recognize any of the other

pronunciations she listed, but that could be because I didn't grow up in

Baltimore proper. There definitely are some "fun" pronunciations from

Baltimore- it has been interesting working on a Linguistic Atlas project

in Georgia after growing up in Maryland. I might add that working at

the Atlas has also made me realize that I use positive anymore (as we recently

discussed on the list not to long ago). Now everyone enjoys

"catching" me because I swore that I didn't use that construction. But

that's probably not Baltimorean- that's probably from all the time I spent

in the mountains of central Pennsylvania.

Elaine Green

University of Georgia