Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 01:48:51 EDT


Subject: Re: place names

Uh... Ok...

I'm not real sure if this was meant as a flame or as a joke, but I have

a strange feeling that it was a flame. I'll grant you that I don't know

a whole lot about the ADS list, but I did snoop for a while before

entering, and the reply that I sent to the place names seemed to flow

with the rest of the conversation. If you somehow think that this is a

waste of bandwidth, could you substantiate the claim in some manner?

If you were offended by the use of the word y'all, I apologize... I was

not attempting to ridicule anyone, nor was I trying to be cute... This

is my way of speaking. Being from Ohio, I promised myself that I would never

"catch" the Kentucky accent, but I have acquired the "y'all," and I use

it in written and oral form.

If you believe that Terry is in the wrong for giving me the address, perhaps

you should address him about your problem as opposed to me, for he would

be the one to talk to about it. He is a teacher of mine who gave me the

address because he knew that I am very interested in Linguistics and

dialects. Hence, here I am! If you would care to be more specific in your

objection, please, feel free. I await your reply...


Thanks for reading!


"I hate to wake you up

Just to say goodbye."

Leavin' (On a Jet Plane)

Peter, Paul, and Mary