Date: Sun, 8 Oct 1995 00:40:22 -0400

From: Crissie Trigger crissiet[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]IPOF.FLA.NET

Subject: Re: PEAS

Seth Sklarey writes:

In the Bahmama they have pigeon peas, which appear to be a small green pea

but not as developed. Peanuts in the south are called goober peas. The

green giant in the 1960's wanted peas on earth. The way to catch a polar bear

is to cut a hole in the ice, the diameter of a polar bear, and circle the

perimeter with green peas. When the polar bear comes up to take a pea, you

hit it in the head.

I'll ignore the pun and move on the the peas...When I was living in Texas, my

then-husband (now ex-) developed a severe rash that necessitated his being on

a hypoallergenic diet. There were two vegetables on the faded xerox of

permitted foods that I was given, green beans and English peas (both canned or

fresh, but not frozen). The green beans were no problem (if I rinsed the salt

from the canning liquid away), but I never did figure out what English peas

are. The only peas I know from are green, snow, or black-eyed. But then, what

do I know? I'm from New York!

Alice Faber

English peas might be what you call snap peas in the states. In the states


they call English peas are a younger, not fully grown variety.

Crissie Trigger