Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 12:50:09 EDT


Subject: getting to NWAVE

NWAVE participants,

Below are directions for getting to the site of the first few NWAVE24

activities. When you register, you will be given further information. Also,

you will receive a nametag, which you should wear. Access to many buildings on

campus is limited to Penn students, faculty, and staff. You may not be

permitted access without your name-tag, especially to Steinberg-Dietrich Hall.

Registration will be located in 1113 Blockley Hall (the Mac Lab) on Thursday

afternoon and in 107 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall during the rest of the conference.

Beginning with the plenary session on Thursday evening, the focal point of the

conference will be Steinberg-Dietrich Hall.

The registration table will be open at the following times:

Thurs. 10am-6pm in Blockley, 7pm-10pm in Steinberg-Dietrich

Fri. 8:30am-1pm, 1:30pm-6pm, 7:30pm-10pm in Steinberg-Dietrich

Sat. 8:30am-12:30pm, 1:30pm-6pm, 7:30-10pm in Steinberg-Dietrich

Sun. 8:30am-1pm in Steinberg-Dietrich

The plenary session Thursday, 8:00 pm, will be held in Steinberg-Dietrich Hall

350, and the reception following will be in the same building.

**Directions to Blockley Hall and the Nursing Ed. Building**

Blockley Hall is on a small street called Guardian Drive, one block south of

Baltimore Avenue, at about 37th Street. By car, it can be approached from 38th

Street only. From 38th, turn onto Guardian, which is the first road/driveway

south of Baltimore and Spruce. It runs east from 38th Street, which is called

University Ave., at that point. Blockley is the first building that fronts onto

Guardian Drive on the right. Just past it is a new building with blue trim

(Stellar-Chance Labs). The next building past that is the Nursing Ed. Bldg.

To get to Blockley by foot, you need to get to Hamilton Walk, which is one

block south of Spruce Street and runs from 38th to 36th. From Hamilton, you

need to walk south THROUGH the Richards Medical Research Lab. There is a

passageway with about 3 sets of brown glass doors and a security guard

inside. When you come out the south side, you will be facing the *Nursing

Ed. Bld.* on Guardian Drive. Turn right. You will pass, on your left, a

building with blue trim. The building just after it is Blockley Hall. The

entrance is immediately after the skywalk. Inside, turn right and you will

find the elevators. Come to the 11th floor. Registration will be in room 1113, which is right next to the elevators.

**Directions to Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall**

Steinberg-Dietrich Hall is part of the Wharton School. It is located at 37th

Street and Locust Walk. Locust Walk is between Walnut and Spruce Streets. You

can drive on either of those, but not on Locust or 37th. (They are

pedestrian-only on campus.)

Looking forward to seeing you all,


P.S. As usual, apologies for duplicate mailings and to anyone that isn't receiving mailings.