Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995 16:15:09 -0400

From: Eric Armstrong armstrn[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UWINDSOR.CA

Subject: Hello

Hello one and all. I am a teacher of voice and speech for actors, which

means I am coaching actors how to learn new dialects. I thought I would

join ADS-L to catch up on what's happening here...

I am particularly interested because I am trying to set up a resource for

dialect samples using the internet. I figure an FTP site would be the best

thing, and the university is helping set up a pilot project. I am wondering

if there is anything like this out there - site where you can download

sound samples. I really need to look into the "music" web sites because you

can download songs and things like that, or so I have heard.

If anyone knows of sites for this kind of thing, ESPECIALLY anything about

dialects, I would love to hear about it (and so would most of the people on

the list....). I am also looking for any web resources about learning IPA,

or if anyone uses asciipa on a regular basis and whether they have any

comments to make about its praciticality. On the voice and speech teacher's

association list, VASTAVOX, we have discussed it and find that we are using

it more than we thought we would. Darn ascii! Though it doesn't really cut

it, it seems to be better than nothing.

Finally I am trying to find some sort of software (shareware or ideally

freeware) that will let me edit sound samples and reformat them as .wav .au

.snd or .aiff formats so people can use them. The problem with an internet

dialect sample site is the size of samples. If anyone has any hints on how

I can keep samples short and sweet, I would be VERY happy to hear from you.

Thank you very much from a new member to the list.

Eric Armstrong


The New Voice Guy at

The School of Dramatic Art

University of Windsor

(519) 253-4232 ext 2811