Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 18:44:14 -0400

From: Virginia Clark vpclark[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MOOSE.UVM.EDU

Subject: Re: Switched Candy Names

At 08:37 AM 9/30/95 -0400, M. Lynne Murphy wrote:

I hope this switch hasn't already been mentioned.

I've heard that the Snickers and Milky Way bar are reversed in

England (and probably the rest of GB). In the US, the Snickers is

the one with nuts.

in south africa, there is no milky way, but the mars bar doesn't have

its almonds. snickers is as in u.s. when i said something to a

class about the almondlessness of mars, one student (who had been to

u.s.) said "the americans ruin everything with nuts." (pleasantly

ambiguous statement on its own.)