Date: Mon, 31 Oct 1994 11:16:10 -0800

From: Birrell Walsh birrell[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]WELL.SF.CA.US

Subject: Re: offending idioms

On Mon, 31 Oct 1994, David Muschell wrote:

In response to Gregory D. Waltigney, who wrote:

Perhaps those out there who feel the need to use this forum as a soapbox

for determining political correctness could take their drivel elsewhere

rather than degenerating into a bunch of blathering "offending idiots"!

[Excision here]

I have read very little drivel as I've followed (and participated) in this

particular discussion and even less blather. Personally, the suggestion to

take the debate elsewhere is a kind of prescription in itself--one that

would negate the very value of this computer conference. Of course I take

the above suggestion seriously, and at a real conference I'd probably laugh

it off as a small, crotchety response to the more important issue. But

since budgetary constraints probably won't allow me to attend a "real"

conference, this electronic space for analyzing, conversing, and

"listening" to other fine scholars has become a fine way to breach the

isolation of individual institutions. Intuitively, ADS has gotten involved

in a thought-provoking line of discussion that mirrors an issue seen being

explored in the media with the publication of THE BELL CURVE.


A rare art is here being practiced: gracious praise.

Thank you, David!

Birrell Walsh