Date: Sun, 23 Oct 1994 23:09:39 -0700

From: "CAVEMAN -- San Bernardino, Calif. USA" cjcoker[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CSUPOMONA.EDU

Subject: Q: Mllions of Cats


We (my wife and I) read to the wee ones each night. Tonight we read a book

called "Millions of Cats" by Wanda Ga'g (ISBN 0-590-40612-4, Scholastics Inc,.

730 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 - 1928). Any way we have several questions:

1. Is the apostrophe in Ga'g a symbol indicating missing letters, as in

can't (cannot) or don't (do not)? Or is it a glottal stop symbol

commonly used iin many orthographies? Is it something else entirely?

(The book is hand-lettered so I am sure it is not a diacritical mark

over the a.)

2. The old man in the story "set out" instead of walking or something

similar. Is this 1928 lingo? My 3-year-old didn't know what set out

meant because we never use it.

3. The cats "quarreled" instead of fought. Again, no recognition of the

word -- was it also more common in 1928?

4. Do cats eat grass? I thought they were carnivores, but I'm not a

biologist -- of course, anybody on ADS-L probably isn't either.

Anybody have any answers? We're baffled.

Chuck Coker



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