Date: Sun, 9 Oct 1994 15:57:21 GMT


Subject: Antilogies

RE: I don't care to ("I don't mind")

Isadore of Seville might've called this antiphrasis. His neatest

example is "Canis a non canendo," a dog is called CANIS because

it can't sing (CANERE).

Cf. other Isodorean possibilities:

Literally: I literally busted a gut laughing (because it was really

only figuratively).

Rush-hour traffic: Because nobody can rush anywhere.

Humane Society: Because they could care less about humans.

They could care less: Because they couldn't.

That's okay: Because it's not okay.

Antilogies: Borrow me your book (= loan); What are you inferring

(= implying)?

Polarity switching:

There was no love lost between us. (We loved each other

completely -- We loathed each other.)

I am willing to work more, if not thrilled at the prospect.

(I am thrilled ~ I am not thrilled)

You lucked out. (You're out of luck -- You're lucky.)

Bad means good. War means peace. If a woman says no...