Date: Sun, 2 Oct 1994 22:42:52 CST

From: Luanne von Schneidemesser lvonschn[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU

Subject: help wanted


As you may have noticed in NADS, I'm giving a talk in San Diego on

terms used in children's games, based of course on DARE's evidence. I would

like to compare to that what is said by younger people in different parts

of the country today, 25 years later. If you could help me by having

a handful of your students/friends/acquaintances/collegues who

are native to your area fill out a two-page questionnaire, questions

from DARE's questionnaire, I would appreciate it greatly.

Please let me know and I'll send you the questionnaire and postage.

(From my own children I know a couple of these terms have changed around

here. I'm interested in seeing which ones, how much, where, etc. Results to

be related in San Diego.)

Thanks very much.

Luanne v. S.

Luanne von Schneidemesser, 608-263-2748

DARE, 6129 Helen C. White Hall, 600 North Park, Madison, WI 53706