Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 17:12:12 +0200 From: Helen Krestianicov Subject: Re: dialect&literature Dear Ron, I am interested very much in getting a hard copy of your 1982 article "Dialects at Work- Eudora Welty' Artistic Purpose".I would highly appreciate it if you could only mail it to me. I live in Moldova, Chisinau, and have no other way of getting it in Moldova which is one of the Republics of the former Soviet Union.(We are located north of Romania). I lecture on Dialectology and Aspects of Sociolinguistics at English Department of Moldova State University.My address is Moldova 2009, Chisinau, Moldova State University, Mateevici Str.,60., Thank you in advance. Sincerely yours, Helen Crestianicov On Thu, 30 Oct 1997, Ron Butters wrote: > Sorry to disturb the whole list about this, but earlier this month somebody > asked me for a copy of my 1982 article, "Dialect at Work: Eudora Welty's > Artistic Purposes," and I lost the message and don't know where to send the > offprint. If anybody still wants a copy, let me know. (I can't send it > bye-mail, though--I only have a hard copy.) >