Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 08:33:10 -0500 From: Fred Shapiro Subject: Re: Automat On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Barry A. Popik wrote: > The authors of AMERICA IN SO MANY WORDS made a real flubber when they > chose "goo" for 1902. I have "goo-goo" and "gooey" from the 19th century. Good to have you back, Barry. Would you be willing to post your earliest citations for "goo-goo" and "gooey" to the list? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fred R. Shapiro Coeditor (with Jane Garry) Associate Librarian for Public Services TRIAL AND ERROR: AN OXFORD and Lecturer in Legal Research ANTHOLOGY OF LEGAL STORIES Yale Law School Oxford University Press, 1997 e-mail: fred.shapiro[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ISBN 0-19-509547-2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------