Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 08:01:05 -0000 From: Muhammed Suleiman Subject: Re : 'Secret Languages' Dear List Members, I am doing some research at the moment into what we can call variously 'Secret Languages' or 'Language Games'. By this I mean languages similar to Pig Latin or Back Slang where the syllables of a word are mixed up, or where an extra syllable is added to each of the original syllables of a word, in order to prevent others from understanding. These 'languages' are usually, but not exclusively, used by children and/or youths. I would be very grateful if my fellow list-members could give examples, with details, of any such languages they mow use or used as children. Many thanks in advance, and all of you out there, have a happy thanksgiving. Regards, Dr M. Suleiman