Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 09:40:45 +0000 From: Jim Rader Subject: Re: autoerotic asphyxiation The earliest cite I can find for this is New York Times, March 31, 1984. In 1981 magazine published a how-to article on this practice which led to some lawsuits by parents whose kids died trying it out; the article was entitled "Orgasm of Death." Ann Landers' column produced a letter from a parent about the practice in the late '80's. and got a lot of press in Britain in Feb. 1994 when a Conservative MP accidentally killed himself trying it. I can only find used for someone who practices this in reference to the Michael Crichton novel/movie; however, the databases turn up too much static on (a common colloquialism for "cigarette" in Britain) to make searching for this practical (given my only motive was morbid curiosity). One slang term offered for the practice is . Jim Rader