Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 15:06:28 +0000 From: Duane Campbell Subject: Re: Lippi-Green's Eng with an Accent At 02:36 PM 11/23/97 -0500, you wrote: >But I can't help thinking - so what >does this mean?-- are we aiming for a society without any stereotypes at all? What is the difference between an expression of cultural diversity and a stereotype? Which would an image of an African-American wearing a dashiki be? A Latino in a sombrero? Stanley Kowalski in an undershirt? Is ethnic food - like fried chicken at the Masters - something to be celebrated or surpressed? >"it can be said of the French...that when they are good, they are very, very >good-- but when they are bad, they are-- Apaches." p. 98, as an instance of >racism- REF: Mark Twain, "The French and the Comanches" Duane Campbell dcamp[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]