Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 02:27:32 -0500 From: "Barry A. Popik" Subject: More from the American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine The American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine is turning up some fine items. I've found many references to the race horse Black Maria, but I'm still looking for-- MARIAH CAREY: Hi! POPIK: Mariah Carey? MARIAH CAREY: Straight from the cover of Cosmopolitan! POPIK: There must be a mistake. Mariah--I'm looking for Black Maria! MARIAH CAREY: Okay, I'll go. POPIK: NOOO! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- DRUTHERS DARE has "druther" from 1887 and "druthers" from 1895. RHHDAS has "druthers" from 1870. This is from September 1833, pg. 40: I'd _druther_ live in the woods any time, by myself, than on the best plantation in the county; though I've got a family, and a decent one, too. MARIAH CAREY: I hate my druthers! POPIK: That's "brothers," Maria. MARIAH CAREY: That's Mariah! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- APPLE JACK DARE and OED have an 1816 citation, and then skip many years. This appears definitive, and is from April 1833, pg. 404: "Landlord, have you any _apple-jack_?"* *_Apple-jack_--a cant name for apple brandy, made in Nash county, N. C. and considered as the first of brandies from James river to Roanoke. MARIAH CAREY: Why would anyone want to jack an apple? POPIK: Do you know a Ron Carey? Drew Carey? Jim Carrey? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- THREE R's (READIN', 'RITIN', 'RITHMETIC) This section of a song lyric is from January 1834, pg. 257: But when W-LK-R did proclaim, the three T's had won the game* *In allusion to a slip he once made in announcing the game, similar to the blunder of his countryman, when he gave as a toast, the R's, namely _reading_, _writing_ and _arithmetic_. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- IT IS A FACT This is from March 1834, pg. 374: He is fond of cards and backgammon, and relishes his grog, and (Mrs. Trollope would say) "it is a fact" he is the happiest man in the world, and the life of every party. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- UNTRUE FACTS You gotta love "untrue facts." They beat "true facts" every time. In March 1834, pg. 361, there are: supply him with "_his facts_," but resorts to advertisements, and puffs, and newspaper scraps for them. (...) This last assertion is one of Barrymore's "_untrue facts_." (...) This is another of Barrymore's "_untrue facts_." On that note, and with "Black Maria" still pending, this Barrymore will sign off, chase Mariah Carey out of the room, and go to sleep.