Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 01:33:29 -0500 From: Eric Baus Subject: Interviewees on the subject of Language and Power? Hi My name is Eric Baus and I'm doing a research project on the ethnography of service based interactions and I'd like to do a short e-mail interview with anyone with an interest in the topic or who has done any relevant research. If you'd like you can describe some ethnographic aspects of the interactions you encounter at your job (how the interaction is affected by where you are, who you are talking to, in what order the exchanges of information occur, is this spoken or written, what are the expectations of behavior, what are the end goals of the interaction etc.) . I'm including teaching under this broad umbrella of service so feel free to comment about the classroom situation if you want. Thanks a lot, I appreciate any and all responses so please write if you feel you have anything to say on the topic, Eric EMB1210[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]