Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 12:13:26 +0900 From: Daniel Long Subject: Re: Posts from non-professionals Alan Baragona wrote: > It would be nice, however, if students refrained from insulting > professional linguists by saying things like "Have you ever heard of > Semiotics?" Sheesh. > > Alan B. I second the "Sheesh". Isn't there a difference between "non-professional" and "un-professional"? (not to mention just plain rude) Ron Butters posted something a while back regarding manners on these mailing lists. When all you (or "one") have to go on is some typed words on a page, it is easier to (mis)interpret them as being rude and vicious. Before one pushes one's "send" button, one needs to consider whether or not what one has written (perhaps in the spirit of lightheartedness) may be misconstrued as being mean as a yard dog. Danny Long P.S. A technical question: Anyone know why the "reply" button on my computer works differently for postings from Alan Baragona than from other people? If I push "reply", the email goes to him rather than the list. For most other posters, the "reply" button starts an email back to the list. I mention this because if this is true for other posters, I (and other people) may have been inadvertantly sending things just to individuals that we thought we were posting to the list. -- Daniel Long, Associate Professor NEW tel +81-6-723-8297 Japanese Language Research Center NEW fax +81-6-723-8302 Osaka Shoin Women's College dlong[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] 4-2-26 Hishiyanishi Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka Japan 577