Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 17:20:57 +0000 From: Lynne Murphy Subject: Re: stay and live Matthew James Gordon wrote: > > Since moving to the Chicago area (NW Indiana), I have noticed a usage > that was previously unfamilar to me. The use of "stay" as opposed to > "live" as in "Where do you stay?" "I stay in Hammond on 173rd street." > (It is clear that the meaning of temporary residence (e.g. "stay in a > hotel") is not intended.) I wonder if anyone has discussed the > distribution of this form or has observed it elsewhere. The couple of > times I have noted this it has been from African American speakers, but I > suppose it might be regional as well or instead. Can anyone provide some > information? Thanks. this was something i had to learn when i moved to south africa, so i'd never noticed it when i lived in illinois, so i'm guessing it's either chicago-specific, aave-specific, or just odd. lynne -- M. Lynne Murphy Assistant Professor in Linguistics Department of English Baylor University PO Box 97404 Waco, TX 76798