Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 12:53:07 -0500 From: Gareth Branwyn Subject: Re: Cookies In a message dated 11/6/97 5:27:26 PM, you wrote: >Which practice? Using cookies legitimately or "other websites stealing >your cookies and learning things about your online haunts and viewing >habits"? The practice of using cookies. To my knowledge, cookie handling is one way only and other sites cannot see your cookies. As I recall, there was some potential for this type of abuse in the beginning, but it was quickly addressed. -------------------------------------------- Gareth Branwyn garethb2[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE], Contributing editor, Wired Co-author _Happy Mutant Handbook_ (Putnam), Author _Jargon Watch: A Pocket Dictionary for the Jitterati_ (HardWired)