Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 07:54:05 -0600 From: Mary Bucholtz Subject: Re: "it's all good" Margaret Lee's explanation that "it's all good" originated in hip hop is the most likely one. Certainly when I was doing fieldwork in a California high school two years ago the kids who used it were those who were into hip-hop culture. Also, "A2Z: The Book of Rap and Hip-Hop Slang" includes the expression; unfortunately, no cites are provided. A likely place to start looking is the hip-hop magazine "The Source," based in New York. Mary Bucholtz Texas A&M University bucholtz[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >At 07:01 PM 11/3/97 "Margaret G. Lee -English" wrote: >>Exactly what are "authentic-sounding vernacular locutions"? Who or what >>determines authenticity? While no one has a monopoly on linguistic >>innovation, the linguistic contributions of African-Americans cannot be >>overlooked. >> > >I was responding to a rather impassioned and I thought, as a general idea, >perhaps well-taken protest against the occasional tendency to assume that >any new slang not otherwise identifiable is AAVE. Linguistic innovation >happens in lots of ways, he seemed to be implying, and I thought I agreed. I >hope no-one on the list would overlook *any* kinds of contributions to >linguistic innovation, but the person to whom I was responding felt that >there was maybe a reflexive attitude at times about linguistic innovations >and AAVE. Maybe you'd quote his post and address his points if you disagree >with him; I can forward you a copy, if you like. > >You mentioned in your last post in this thread that, "as with much slang >that eventually enters mainstream usage, "It's all good" originated in the >African American community about four years ago, essentially a product of >hip-hop/rap culture." I think tracking the phrase to ground wherever that >leads is the point of the exercise, and if you know for sure where and how >it originated, post the citations and the thread will naturally close. > >Greg Downing/NYU, at greg.downing[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] or downingg[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]