Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 18:35:21 -0500 From: Jim Crotty Subject: Re: Nominations for Words of the Year In a message dated 11/3/97 1:53:58 PM, you wrote: <> It's hard to argue with "azzi" (no doubt it's popularity as a negative word due to sounding like "Nazi"), but there are some strong runner-ups.... "Indie" is still hanging around, especially in relation to films (though most so-called "indie films" aren't "indie" at all), though indie magazines and music are now useless concepts. A major consolation prize should be granted to "don't go there," which was a big early 90's gay culture term that has swept the nation, and, still maintains its popularity within gay culture, despite its use by everyone from Ricki Lake and Whoopi Goldberg to those frat boys rooting for the Seminoles. That expression has some legs. There's also "it's a girl thing," and the use of "thing" in all sorts of different scenarios (a holdover from George Bush--perhaps his major contribution to American culture period), and, yes, "da bomb" (as in, "MJ is da bomb"). It's been around awhile, but keeps hanging in there. It remains to be seen whether it will have the staying power of "cool," or groooooovy" (given a huge boost by Austin Powers) or "what---EVer" (the Val girl term I've heard used by straight car salesman in Omaha and practically everywhere else in the country). Other runner-ups include a slew of Buddhist terms ("nirvana," "satori,"), "boutique" (boutique cities, boutique beers), and, believe it or not, "dude" (still strong after all these years, dude) and "kewl" (formerly "cool"). I love this topic, and hope at the end we can ascertain an ADS Top 20 (akin to the top twenty in other "sports").... But I don't want to just limit to words, but expand to influential expressions. Maybe we can also vote for Most Improved, Biggest Loser, and more. Oh, I've never received a very clear definition of a "soccer mom." Is she Republican, Democrat? Democratic Centrist? Liberal Republican? All of the above? Jim Crotty (aka Monk) How to Talk American Monkmag[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]