Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 10:24:52 -0700 From: Kat Rose Subject: Re: Indian giver Billy Hamilton considers the term "indian giver" derogatory and offensive to Native Americans. Because of such feelings, I quit using the term by junior high. I am wondering, however,... The phrase was in fairly common use during my grade school days, but I didn't understand it as pejoritive of Native Americans. I thought it came from the history of broken treaties and the repeated relocation of "Indians" (my elementary school days predate the common use of "Native Americans") from land that was considered worthless when "given" to them but later found to have some exploitable value. Hence, an "Indian giver" was someone who gave, but took back, someone who promised, but reneged--as the U.S. government did to the Indians. Was my perspective unusual? Did I learn too much history too soon? Or was this a valid understanding of the term as it was used 40 years ago? [AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]>-->--- Kat Rose Kat.Rose[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] My words, my rights, my responsibility