Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 16:54:51 +0200 From: Jan Strunk Subject: Re: "it's all good" Dear listmembers, I don't know whether it is very likely, but the expression "it's all good" sounds a little bit like the German "Es ist schon gut" meaning "it's OK", "you don't have to be sorry" and "don't mention it" to me. "schon" means "already". I don't know whether it's possible to use "all" instead of "already" in English. What I do know is that "all" is used in Low Saxon to say "already". I hope this is useful. Jan Strunk strunk[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Jeutonne P. Brewer wrote: > The phrase can, of course, come from any one of a number of > sources. Everything doesn't originate from AAVE--or from any > other single source. As someone state, these are just tracks > or guesses about where to look.