Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 11:18:01 -0500 From: Alan Baragona Subject: TAN: folk etymology of copasetic Recently, there were separate discussions on this list about the nature of folk etymology and about the mysterious etymology of "copasetic". They dovetailed for me this morning while talking to a colleague, and I thought I'd share an accidental folk etymology with the list. Whether this is one model for how folk etymologies arise I would not venture to say. My friend used "copasetic," and when I mentioned that it had been the topic of conversation here, he said he'd always dimly assumed that it was the name of a laxative that had been extended to mean anything that went as smoothly as crap through a goose. I pointed out that he was confusing "copasetic" with "Kayopectate" (sp?), but he admitted that even if he had remembered the real name of the laxative, he might have thought that "copasetic" was just a variation of it. This is probably as reasonable an etymology as Partridge's joke that it comes from "cope" and "antiseptic" by way of Amerindian. Alan B.