Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 10:29:46 -0800 From: Judi Sanders Subject: Re: "it's all good" I can't speak to the origin of "it's all good" except to say that it is not in RHDAS, Major's "Juba to Jive" nor Smitherman's "Black Talk." I can say that it is widely used by youths (both male and female, and of all races) across the country. Connie Eble collected it this year at UNC, Pam Munro collected it this year at UCLA (as she did in 1994), and we collected it at CPP. I've also collected it from Cincinatti in an internet survey. Not quite an answer to the origins. I'd be interested to hear if anyone's traced it. Judi Sanders Dr. Judi Sanders email: jasanders[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Department of Communication phone: (909) 869-3527 Cal. State Polytechnic U., Pomona fax: (909) 869-4823 3801 W. Temple Blvd. dept: (900) 869-3522 Pomona, CA 91768 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Web: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The College Slang Page: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~