Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 02:18:38 -0500 From: Bob Haas Subject: Re: sneakers I up in NC with "tennis shoes" in ref to athletic shoes--60s and 70s. But I now tend to refer to specific types of footwear when I'm being specific, especially when I'm talking running shoes. But when I'm speaking very off the cuff, I still fall into using tennis shoes to refer to any type of athletic shoe. BTW, I also used to use "Keds" interchangeably with "tennis shoes", but not so with "P.F. Flyers" which were worn by Jonny Quest. Sigh, nostalgia. Bob On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Benjamin Barrett wrote: > I'm from Seattle, and "sneaker" was a word used fifteen years or more ago > and sounds old-fashioned to me. With the big boom in super designed > athletic shoes to everyday people, "tennis" tends to now mean shoes for > tennis and I don't think I would feel comfortable using that term anymore > either.