Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 14:03:05 -0700 From: Bruce Gelder Subject: Re: Zero or "o"? It just occurred to me that, in many situations at least, "zero" and "oh" alternate predictably with each other, depending on the position within a set of numbers. "Zero" occurs in initial position (e.g. "zero-one-one"), and "oh" occurs medially and in coda position (e.g. "one-oh-one" or "one-one-oh" [unless the grouping changes and the number becomes "one-ten," which might make for another interesting discussion]). Perhaps the zip-code citation earlier, where the person used zeros instead of ohs, is an example of a new phrasing rule that causes each of the zeros occurring initially instead of medially (i.e. there are five ungrouped units now instead of the former one, which contained five grouped numbers). Just a thought. Bruce (bgelder[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]