Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 11:15:58 EST From: Murray F Spiegel Subject: Language Translation Request There is an international cross-cultural linguistics project to translate 6 lines of nontechnical text into as many languages as possible. We already have about 75 languages; given the strong interest in this project, we want to expand what we have. I've attached a list of commonly used languages we do not yet have. If you can help us obtain a translation for any of them, please respond to spiegel[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] For each language we want to obtain: - A translation into the language's native script - printed carefully or typed - A recording of someone saying the text (preferably a native) - If possible, a transliteration for an English speaker E-mail contact with translators is most convenient. We can help by mailing cassetttes and mailers for those without workstations capable of recording audio. Thanking you in advance; Murray Spiegel Speech Technology Research Bellcore, Room 1C-237R 445 South Street Morristown, NJ 07960-6438 Phone: 201-829-4518 Fax: 201-829-5963 email: spiegel[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== Here is the language list: UKRAINIAN in Ukraine, rank:23 BHOJPURI in India, rank:26 SIRAIKI in Pakistan, rank:33 MAITHILI in India, rank:35 ORIYA in India, rank:37 HAUSA in Nigeria, rank:40 AWADHI in India, rank:44 YORUBA in Nigeria, rank:47 SINDHI in Pakistan, rank:51 NEPALI in Nepal, rank:53 ASSAMESE in India, rank:59 HARYANVI in India, rank:60 SINHALA in Sri Lanka, rank:61 CEBUANO in Philippeans, rank:63 CZECH in (former) Czechoslovakia, rank:64 CATALAN in Spain, rank:66 DECCAN in India, rank:68 BELORUSSIAN in Belarus, rank:71 MAGAHI in India, rank:72 LOMBARD in Italy, rank:76 CHATTISGARHI in India, rank:80 BUNDELI in India, rank:84 ILOCANO in Philippeans, rank:85 KAZAKH in Kazakhstan, rank:86 RWANDA in Rwanda, rank:87 UYGHUR in China, rank:88 MARWARI in India, rank:90 AKAN in Ghana, rank:93 KURMANJI in Turkey, rank:95 SHONA in Zimbabw, rank:96 SOMALI in Somalia, rank:97 TATAR in Russia, rank:98 XHOSA in South Africa, rank:100 LUBA-KASAI in Zaire, rank:102 KURDI in Iraq, rank:104 KANAUJI in India, rank:107 RUNDI in Burundi, rank:108 GIKUYU in Kenya, rank:111 SANTALI in India, rank:112 MAKHUWA-METTO in Mozambique, rank:114 SYLHETTI in Bangladesh, rank:118 MOORE in Burkina, rank:121 SICILIAN in Italy, rank:122 SCHWYZERDUTSCH in Switzerland, rank:124 KASHMIRI in India, rank:126 KITUBA in Zaire, rank:127 BAMBARA in Mali, rank:129 LITHUANIAN in Lithuania, rank:132 NYANJA in Malawi, rank:133 SUKUMA in Tanzani, rank:134 TAJIKI in Tajikistan, rank:135 TIGRINYA in Eritrea, rank:136 TSWANA in Botswana, rank:142 LUO in Kenya, rank:143 UMBUNDU in Angola, rank:144 KONGO in Zaire, rank:147 IBIBIO in Nigeria, rank:148 LAO in Laos, rank:150 TURKMEN in Turkmenia, rank:151 TSONGA in South Africa, rank:152 LUYIA in Kenya, rank:153 LURI in Iran, rank:154 GANDA in Uganda, rank:155 KABYLE in Algeria, rank:159 PIEMONTESE in Italy, rank:161 SHAN in Myanmar, rank:162 TACHELHIT in Morocco, rank:164 TAMAZIGHT in Morocco, rank:165 WARAY-WARAY in Philippeans, rank:166 WOLOF in Senegal, rank:167 KIRGHIZ in Kyrghyzstan, rank:171 JULA in Burkina, rank:172 EWE in Ghana, rank:173 KALENJIN in Kenya, rank:174 KAMBA in Kenya, rank:175 DONG in China, rank:176 SLOVENIAN in Slovenia, rank:177 TIV in Nigeria, rank:178 VENETIAN in Italy, rank:179 MANINKA in Guinea, rank:181 BAULE in Cote dI, rank:182 MAZANDERANI in Iran, rank:183 BOUYEI in China, rank:186 BEMBA in Zambia, rank:189 DYERMA in Niger, rank:190 GILAKI in Iran, rank:191