Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 11:16:26 -0500 From: Bob Haas Subject: Re: PC On Wed, 22 Nov 1995, Gregory J. Pulliam wrote: > I > suspect those who most object to so-called PC-ness would not allow me to > speak so freely: it's the right-wing that objects so vehemently to the > "adult language" on television shows such as "NYPD Blue," after all. > I have my asbestos suit handy, BTW. > Greg Pulliam > Chicago > HUMPULLIAM[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > Good point, Greg. There is a fabulous irony that those who continue to make PC an issue also seem to be those most intent on constraining truly free expression. A very thoughtful discussion in your post, BTW. Bob Haas University of North Carolina at Greensboro rahaas[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]