Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 23:30:16 -0800 From: Rima & Kim McKinzey Subject: Re: PC Language >>As a left-handed person, your use of the terms "lefty" and "hopeless >lefty" struck me as peculiar. As you used them, the terms seem to have a >somewhat negative connotation, which struck me as odd coming from someone >who seems to be concerned about political correctness. I am proud of being >a "lefty" and I certainly do not consider myself "hopeless" as a result. >What's the deal? And a wonderful example this is of PC problems, though I will assume that you're kidding (having made the assumption that "lefty" referred to left in terms of politics, not handedness.) Trying not to insult people is a positive. Assuming insult at every opportunity and utterance is a negative. Bending so over backward so as not to hurt yourself trying to avoid saying anything at all in any sort of straightforward manner gets absurd and ridiculous. Insisting on being treated with dignity and respect is rational and reasonable. Extremisim on both sides gets completely out of hand. Rima