Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 07:19:09 -0500 From: Charity Stafford Subject: Re: PC Language Kate Catmull wrote: >>For example, in this discussion, I kind of like some of the terms & ideas >>listed as PC ("diversity," for example), and feel neutral about others >>(dorm ---> residence hall, checkup--->wellness check), while others >>(procurement-----> purchasing) strike me as foolish and comical. >> >>Does this mean I'm a hopeless lefty, or what? and later: >> And what about my other >>lefty and feminist friends who are for multi-culturalism but happen to >>like Pinter? To which Stephen replied: >From: Stephen > >As a left-handed person, your use of the terms "lefty" and "hopeless >lefty" struck me as peculiar. As you used them, the terms seem to have a >somewhat negative connotation, which struck me as odd coming from someone >who seems to be concerned about political correctness. I am proud of being >a "lefty" and I certainly do not consider myself "hopeless" as a result. >What's the deal? Now, Stephen may just possibly be parodying the urge towards PC language, but I have to say, Kate's original post gave me a weird feeling, too. I was going to just let it go, but since Stephen's already entered the fray... I always thought that people who were on the political left were left*ists* - those of us who write with our left hands are the lefties. Apparently in Kate's personal lexicon the one word does for both groups. However, particularly when you're talking to left-handed folks, I think this is likely to cause a certain amount of confusion and possibly consternation. Charity