Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 22:58:29 -0500 From: James C Stalker Subject: Re: Tomboy & Sissy In KY in the 50s, among adolescents and younger, neither had homosexual connotations. Tomboy was probably more positive than sissy, because it was better to be like a man than a woman. In other words, it was ok for a girl to be masculine, but not for a boy to be feminine. In high school, when I was a sophomore, we were quite aware of homosexuality. It was common knowledge that the world history teacher (male) was homosexual and having an affair with one of the male students, for example. Those of us who published the literary magazine were quite aware that the woman who owned the print shop that printed the magazine was lesbian. The student was not called a sissy, at least not among the people I knew, despite the usual sophomoric jokes and titter, as it were.