End of ADS-L Digest - 9 Nov 1995 to 10 Nov 1995 *********************************************** There are 6 messages totalling 187 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Political Blunder (3) 2. American Speech 3. Learn how to ZERO OUT your Long Distance telephone bill! CALL NOW! 1(800) 684-8253 Ext.7283 4. RhetORic ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 07:20:57 -0500 From: SETH SKLAREY Subject: Re: Political Blunder With advanced apologies to those in the Johnnie Cochran fan club who may be offended by the "N" word, even in this scholarly context I feel compelled offer some elucidation to the possible etymology. A "nigger roll" also known as a "Detroit roll" or a "Michigan roll" is a wad of one dollar bills wrapped with higher denomination bills to make it appear that the whole roll is high denomination bills. It was often "flashed" or shown rapidly so the "mark" or person to be impressed would enter into a venture, wager or scheme and put up a real stake which would inevitably be taken. Nigger rich therefore became a person who mistakenly thought he was rich or had a lot of money due to self delusion, possibly from an inflated opinion of his assets. Then there is a "nigger head" which is a large ball of iron at the end of a crane cable just above the iron hook. ---- Brian E. Mullins wrote: >Watching the local news last week here in Central Kentucky I heard >Senator Wendell Ford jump all over a caller. Senator Ford was hosting a >talk radio show and was answering callers had regarding politics and >where Senator Ford stood. A caller was complaining about the a tax >proposal that the Senator was endorsing. The caller said, "I ain't near >rich as you." The Senator angrily replied, "I ain't nigger rich >either." This of course was the political blunder of the week here in >Kentucky. Senator Ford later apologized to 04 that he may have >offended, which in this state isn't many. He said he was only >reprimanding the caller for what he thought was said. Being from >Detroit and then moving to Kentucky I have heard numerous racial slurs >but this one is one I never heard. Is there such a slur? What does it >mean? The only guess I have is one that once owned numerous slaves was >"nigger rich." I imagine it wouldn't be hard to trace Senator Ford's roots. > >