Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 13:54:06 EST From: mai Subject: Re: Gnarly Gnews! >However, it is not surprising that even some native speakers of this >dialect (?) do not know its origin and therefore reanalyze it to have >either a different silent letter in spelling (k) or none at all. I have followed this discussion with interest, since I have encountered this word frequently and hardly had a clue as to what it meant except through its context. Now I too can utter the all too cool expression, "Gnarly, dude!" :-) BTW, the people using this expression in Lexington, Ky are pool players, rock musicians and "young dudes" who "chill". I have heard this from white kids mostly. I also heard a young black man use the word "corn" and saw it written with a backwards K on a t-shirt yesterday. I presume the meaning is cannabis. Can anyone verify this? Mark Ingram, who became gnarly the old fashioned way maingr01[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]