Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 23:22:28 -0500 From: SETH SKLAREY Subject: Re: "in like flynn" > Does anyone know what "in like flynn" actually means, and/or >where it originated? Here in Athens, we have a local band named In Like >Flynn. So when some guy in a bar told me "You're in like flynn," I >thought it was just a unique version of "Hey baby, what's your sign?". >At the time I didn't really know what he meant; I just figured that maybe >he was suggesting I looked like someone who listened to that band. But >then the other night my Mother used the phrase in our phone >conversation, and I know she doesn't listen to that band! > > >Elaine Green >Linguistic Atlas Project >The University of Georgia > Erroll Flynn, a dashing, popular movie star of the 40's and early 50's was involved with a 16 year old named Beverly Aadland. The In Like Flynn refers to his alleged sexual prowess at seduction. You can read all about it in his autobiography, My Wicked, Wicked Ways. I don't know if I buy his version of how he castrated sheep. SETH SKLAREY Wittgenstein School of the Unwritten Word Coconut Grove, Florida