Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 10:09:57 -0500 From: SETH SKLAREY Subject: Re: Back to "Bite me" >This offers no explanation to the phrase "Bite me", but does show its >acceptance. In today's Ziggy cartoon, for those of you unfortunate to have it >carried in your local newspaper, Ziggy is shown sitting in front of a computer >terminal with "Byte Me" in large letters displayed on the screen. > >-- Jim > Here in La La land where I reside, the Miami Herald (which is so hated by thinking locals it doesn't even have a funny name), has bowed so low to political correctness that it doesn't carry ANY macho cartoon strips of note, and even cancelled Callahan. I long for the days of Dick Tracy, the Phantom, Li'l Abner & Pogo (who I barely understood). My all time favorites were Vaughn Bode (is he still alive?) who appeared in the East Village Other and Gothic Blimp Works, and R. Crumb the all-time master about whom they have recently done a great, thought provoking movie concerning the thread of family insanity. Is there any way we could pass around cartoons? --- I also long for the complete set of Amos & Andy video tapes, which someone has locked in a vault. The complete three stooges would be a nice birthday or Christmas present too. Seth Sklarey Wittgenstein School of the Unwritten Word Coconut Grove, Florida