Date: Wed, 30 Nov 1994 10:32:06 -0800 From: Birrell Walsh Subject: Re: 'the' in place names (Kaye) Vicki Rosenzweig's New York report made me think of the names of San Francisco neighborhoods. The Mission The Haight The Ingleside The Sunset The Western Addition The Richmond The Castro The Marina but Noe Valley Hunters Point Japantown Chinatown North Beach Twin Peaks Bayview and the Bayview are both heard, as are South of Market and the South of Market. The former is older; when it was a largely Irish neighborhood it was called South of the Slot because there was a cable-car (with a slot to grip the cable) running on Market Street. These usages are pretty close to universal. I have been here since 1966, and I think they have held constant over that time. I don't see a pattern in these, myself; but anyone who said the wrong form would be marked as an auslander. Birrell