Date: Fri, 25 Nov 1994 11:36:26 -0400 From: TPRATT[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UPEI.CA Subject: Offensive sayings "from" PEI -- Post TWO Well that first list worked like a willy; in fact it was just the cock for Dolly. My thanks (personal to follow) to the six responders, who happily wiped out 7 of the first 26 offensive sayings I posted as potential entries in a second dictionary of Prince Edward Island English. Here then is Post TWO; are any of these found OUTSIDE THE NEW ENGLAND STATES OR THE ATLANTIC PROVINCES?: 27. to drain the main vein (male urination; sounds Aussie; is it?) 28. drunk as arse 29. drunk as three / four / seven barrels of shit 30. dry as a cow's ass / crow's crotch at fly time (NOT the 'tight as a bull's hole at fly time' idea or variants -- this one is thirst) 31. dry as a popcorn fart 32. so dry I'm farting / pissing dust 33. If my dog had a face like that, I'd shave its ass and teach it to walk backward. 34. worse than a fart in a mitten looking for a thumb-hole (fidgety; very like previous no. 14, still alive, 'busy as a fart in a mitt') 35. A farting horse will never tire, and a farting man is the one to hire. (proverb: useful for selection committees) 36. Even their farts / shit had muscles. 37. flat as a cow turd in June 38. to have flyshit on the face (freckles) 39. Wouldn't that frost your balls? (shocking) 40. to be full of shit and down a quart (lying or stupid) 41. Wouldn't that give the dog's arse heartburn? (more shocking) 42. good as a pee-hole in the snow (no good) 43. Go piss up a rope and play with the steam. 44. Go piss up a stick. 45. Go pump sand up your arse. 47. hole, heart, and soul (completely) 48. horny as a two-peckered rooster 49. to have an itchy prick (irritable mood) 50. They think they're King Shit, but they're only Fart, the messenger. (this and next are mere extensions of well-known cp) 51. They think they're King Shit from Turd Island. 52. They don't know whether to shit or wind their watch. (confused) YOUR STOMACH HOLDING UP OK? THAT'S ALL, FOLKS, FOR POST TWO.