Date: Sat, 19 Nov 1994 12:46:59 -0800 From: THOMAS CLARK Subject: Re: new (?) s/sh variation in English before /tr/ While reading the posting, something was tickling the back of my mind. When mention was made of "doing Christian Slater," it suddenly came to me. I was watching Stalag 17 for the umpteenth time the other night. One character does an imitation of James Cagney. His imitation, like all imitators of Cagney, consisted of hunching his shoulders and snarling out the side of his mouth, "Now watch it S(h)ee, eSHpeSHally you guys in the back, SHee. And liSHen up now, SHee." So the SH for /s/ seems to have been around for awhile. Cheers, tlc