End of ADS-L Digest - 16 Nov 1994 to 17 Nov 1994 ************************************************ There are 34 messages totalling 804 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Pleonastic pronouns (?) (2) 2. Anyone familiar with the following expressions? (3) 3. Seeking Pictures 4. WWW 5. FTP ADS-L (copy to David Hale) (2) 6. www site 7. WWW/Gopher/ftp (2) 8. Services for Mike Miller 9. Suwanee (4) 10. new (?) s/sh variation in English before /tr/ (3) 11. New Book: Grammar in Many Voices, Marilyn Silva (2) 12. song lyrics (6) 13. 'supernatural' vs 'natural' 14. Gopher is Ready 15. Thanks 16. Recent Black English (2) 17. Call for abstracts: Computer-mediated discourse analysis ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 18 Nov 1994 12:09:48 GMT From: "Warren A. Brewer" Subject: Pleonastic pronouns (?) Rex Pyles mentions Dative in reference to constructions like, Name that tune: I'm gonna cry me a river over you. Curious how this seems to parallel Latin phenomena. Latin grammarians use terms like dativus (in)commodi ("dative of (dis)advantage"), dativus ethicus ("ethical dative"), dativus symaptheticus. These dative uses were frequently colloquial, and "pleonastic" in the sense that the literary language found them superfluous. These datives expressed something more personal, even "warmer" according to Hofmann-Szantyr. For English there's probably even a usage hierarchy for some examples: (1) I'm gonna cry me a river over you. (bare objective pronoun) (2) I'm gonna cry myself a river over you. (-self form) (3) I am going to cry a river over you. (expurgated, ala Stan Freeberg) ---Wab.