Date: Sun, 13 Nov 1994 23:56:55 -0800 From: "Joseph B. Monda" Subject: Re: On the other 86 I first heard the expression "86" in milwaukee in 1949 from the lips of a KC Mo native who explained that it related to the number of a Kansas City Ordnance having to do with illegal drinking (at that time we wer both under age. Eheu fugaces labuntur anni!) Joe Monda On Sun, 13 Nov 1994, Birrell Walsh wrote: > On Mon, 14 Nov 1994, Joan Livingston-Webber wrote: > > > When you're thrown out of bar, you got 86'd. (San Francisco, > > 1968) > > My mother uses "86'd" this way. She's been a Californian all her 82 > years, except for some army time in WWII in the WAAC. >