Date: Sun, 6 Nov 1994 13:47:53 GMT From: "Warren A. Brewer" Subject: Folkspeech as wellspring Impersonal pronouns: Since 3rd sg impers _he/him/his_ ("The masculine predominates") rule is on the ropes, informal or nonstandard contenders should simply be acknowledged as the new champs. Perhaps it is the moral responsibility of ADS to make such suggestions for formal use, lest the masses remain at the mercy of pedantic prescriptivists peddling their undemocratic nostrums. "Melior est reprehendant nos grammatici, quam non intelligant nos populi." Which, for the Classically challenged, means, "It's better that grammarians criticize us, than that people not understand us." Unfortunately I'm memory challenged, so it was either Jerome or Augustine (probably the former in his preface to the Vulgate). ---Wab.