Date: Sat, 5 Nov 1994 16:09:00 CST From: Edward Callary Subject: special issues of names Names, the Journal of the American Name Society, is planning two special issues for late 1995 or early 1996. The first is on 'Computers in Onomastic Research,' and the second 'Statistics in Onomastic Research.' If you would like to contribute to one (or both) of these special issues, send a 1-page idea paper to the editor at the address below. Nothing has to be definite at this time, but I would expect that both issues would deal with problems faced in name research and how computers (and statistics) could contribute to solving them. I put a similar notice on the American Name Society list and found that there was wide-spread interest in both areas. So if you would like to contribute, send the idea paper to me shortly, by either hard copy, fax or email. Edward Callary, Editor, Editor, Names English Department Northern Illinois University DeKalb, Il 60116 FAX: 815-753-0606 email:tb0exc1[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] (make sure you type zero rather than o after TB) I hope to hear from people from a variety of disciplines who have an interest in names. Please let me know if you have questions or comments.