Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 08:40:02 -0800 From: Birrell Walsh Subject: Re: who is african american On Wed, 2 Nov 1994, M. Lynne Murphy wrote: [snip] > > did anyone else see the program "ape man" on arts and entertainment > network? (a friend sent me the one re: language.) it discussed the > possibility that physical differences from the rest of humanity in > europeans (protrusion of the nose, in particular) are partly > accounted for by the hypothesis that homo-whatever (can't remember > my ancestors' names) interbred with the neanderthals in europe > (neanderthals have only been found in europe). this would, in part, > account for the disappearance of neanderthals. and, of course, > argues against nazi notions that the "aryans" are "pure". also gives > me a whole new take on calling someone a neanderthal. > > lynne It has always seemed to me (as a completely unqualified observer, therefore licensed to hold forth) that the type called 'Alpine' in Europe, and found in E. France, S. Germany et partibus proximis, looked a bit like our friend H. neanderthalis. Did I hear correctly that H. Nea. had larger brains than modern humans?